This is what the box for Last Window looks like

Normally, pictures of the boxes for games are something we like to reserve for what we call a “slow news day.” Today is not one of those days. Under normal circumstances, we would never waste your time with such trivialities. But it isn’t every day that we get the box design for The Last Window: The Secret of Cape West, now is it?

This post is as much an excuse for me to be excited about the continued existence of Last Window, sequel to the brilliant Hotel Dusk: Room 215, as it is to show you the box that European purchasers will be walking out of the store with. More so, if we’re being honest with each other. When Cing filed for bankruptcy back in March, my heart utterly sank as I visualized the prospects of the game seeing wider release becoming narrower.

Thankfully, it’s still coming (in Europe, at least, which is good enough for me) and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. As you can see, the cover is predictably moody, just like Kyle Hyde’s demeanor. Isn’t this thrilling? Euros can pick up this one on September 17th.

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