This is what Metro 2033’s special edition looks like

Special editions for brand new videogames without a proven pedigree. I’ve ranted on the arrogance of such a thing before, but nevertheless, it’s getting more and more common so we’ll have to deal with it. Still, the Metro 2033 special edition isn’t overly ridiculous, so at least there’s that going for it.

UK retailer GAME has revealed the special edition in all its glory, detailing the in-game special shotgun, the fancy embossed box, and the artwork postcard set commissioned by novelist and Metro 2033 creator Dmitry Glukhovski. A pretty neat little package if you’re convinced that this game is going to be worth the cash. 

We preview the game a few weeks ago and voiced a number of concerns with it. The graphical issues and the unbalanced gameplay leave us with a sour taste, but one can hope that developer 4A has listened to criticism and made the game a little more sensible. If you’re going to make a special edition, you better damn well make a game good enough to justify it.

Metro 2033: Limited Edition [GAME]

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