This is what happens when you splice classic old-school games together

While it’s already been written about in the community blogs, ROM CHECK FAIL is just too damn cool to ignore on the front page. The more of you that play this free indie game, the better.

The game itself is presented much like the zany WarioWare series, with the controls and rules of ROM CHECK FAIL mimicking the 8-bit game that your character originally belonged to. For example, when you play as Pac-Man, you can’t destroy the enemies until you get a power pellet.

Every five seconds, the stage and all of the characters are randomly swapped for something new. This means that you could be controlling Mario, but instead of having to stomp on a group of Goombas to progress to the next level, you could be facing the baddies from Qix.

Additionally, you could end up in a scenario where you’re the utterly useless ship from Space Invaders trying to not get raped by the ghosts from Gauntlet, or pretty much any enemy for that matter.

But don’t take my word for it, go give it a shot.

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