This Is The Only Level gets a sequel

Any game that prides itself on how meta it is gets a check in my book. When said game isn’t just being pretentious, but is also deceptively fun to play then it’s full of win. If you’ve checked out This Is The Only Level you know that it is exactly the type of game I just described (if not, go do it because it’s free and Flash). Heck, it’s one of Anthony’s top indie games he forgot to mention when he was mentioning the best indie games of 2009. That’s actually better than being in the original list because its so much more indie to be forgotten.

For those that didn’t forget the game that is literally the same level over and over again, but with different play mechanics, you’ll be happy to hear that it just got a sequel. This Is The Only Level Too features much of the same single level gameplay as the original along with the return of the protagonist elephant. I don’t want to spoil all of the features the game has, but according to its developer, Armor Games, and my recent playtime with it the game features 100% more levels, and the use all four arrow keys. More epic game features such as these after the jump.

Armor Games Delights and Baffles Players Again with This Is The Only Level Too [IGN]

This Is The Only Level Too will feature:

  • 100% More Levels!
  • Still Free!
  • Super meta!
  • Tons of Puzzling Stages!
  • Defy logic, gravity, and the space-time continuum!
  • Two of Those Things are True!
  • Space Out Staring at the Whirling Level Timer!
  • Bounce into the Spikes and Watch Your Death Toll Skyrocket!
  • Unlockable Velociraptor!
  • Use All Four Arrow Keys!
  • Hone Your Speedrun… at Work!
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