This is the galaxy brain way to use C4 in PUBG

There’s no defending this

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PUBG got C4 added as a throwable explosive last week, and I called it “a frag grenade with a very long fuse.” That’s accurate, and that’s the way most players are using it. C4 has a 25-meter blast radius and causes damage through walls, but it also takes 16 seconds to detonate. The obvious strategy is to throw it, flush opponents out of cover, and spray at them while they scramble.

The World’s Smartest Strategy, however, is to turn it into a missile. That’s what streamer (and incredible PUBG player) chocoTaco did. He strapped the C4 to the armored BRDM and ghostrode the whip straight into the building of someone who thought they had prime shelter with good circle position. Wrong because someone just drove a nuke at you.

Let’s go over what this guy could’ve done. ChocoTaco came around the corner too fast and the BRDM has too much armor for him to have blown up the vehicle. And, the explosion is too big and too perfectly timed to run away. Short of predicting the future, this guy had no choice but to suck an explosion straight to the face.

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