This is Shadow Walker and I want it bad

Oh hi, Shadow Walker. My name’s Colette Bennett. Nice to meet you. Is it impolite of me to come right out of the gate and out my real feelings on the table? Because I want you. At first sight. Pure lust here. All I know is that I look at you and I see giant bears with faces,a vibe that reminds me of Wind Waker meets LostWinds, and well, I’m weak with desire. Gimme!

This WiiWare title from GameArts is coming October 27th and will sell for 1000 Wii points. In it, you play Popo, a blue fairy whose goal it is to lead a blond boy named Rukusu through the terrain without exposing him to light (as he is a forest spirit and would be damaged by it). Along the way, you apparently meet giant bear creatures. I am so sold.

[Via Andria Sang]

Colette Bennett