This is really happening: Press Your Luck hits PSN today

I’m not entirely sure what’s up with this trend of translating game shows into videogames, but admittedly, it’s kind of fantastic. Speaking of which, Press Your Luck is hitting the PlayStation Network today by way of Ludia Inc. Why the eff not?

Unfortunately for PlayStation.Blog commenter koma1tose, who says “good game at 3.99 anymore than that and its krap,” Press Your Luck is a $9.99 download. Sorry, dude! You are getting 2,500 trivia questions for your money, though.

Anyway, this is as good of an opportunity as any to link back to that weirdly interesting Esquire piece about the guy who achieved a perfect bid in The Price is Right — don’t worry, there’s a bit about Press Your Luck in there too, so it’s relevant. Sort of.

Coming Tuesday to PSN: Press Your Luck for PS3 [PlayStation.Blog]

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