This is probably the worst Wii peripheral ever

I thought stupid Wii peripherals went out of fashion in 2007, but CTA, purveyors of fine plastic crap, have demonstrated otherwise. Perhaps the most absurdly pointless add-on ever created, CTA proudly presents the Wings for Wii, which is exactly what you think it is… a pair of f*cking wings that you strap your hands while playing the Wii. 

Jesus frigging Christ on a pisspot. 

The wings are “designed” for use with the Bird’s Eye Bull’s Eye minigame in Wii Fit Plus, and allegedly needs to be purchased in order to “add a sensation that you will not feel mimicking a flying chicken with your hands alone.” You also won’t be able to mimic the sensation of being a complete and utter twat, either. 

Never before has flushing your money down the toilet been more innovative. Get your pair today!

Jim Sterling