This is not a joke, sir: Get your face in Street Fighter IV

Before I actually explain this to you, I feel I need to just issue a warning for the sake of damage control. While flailing, you may destroy your computer, nearby consoles, or hit your mom or significant other in the face. What I would recommend is that you sit on your computer chair, tuck your hands under your butt, and try to keep spasms to a minimum. Now:

Your face could appear in STREET FIGHTER IV

The nerdgasm is seriously infinite here, so allow me to flesh out the details while you jack it. Capcom’s Unity blog posted a call for fans to submit their story of why they should be in Street Fighter IV. You can send anything from a nude belly dancing telegram to a full Stephen Sondheim-style musical to explain it to them; just get it there by June 18th. I know, that’s not much time. You may not sleep tonight.

Email your submissions to [email protected], along with your name, phone number, age and email address. As we speak, Mr. Destructoid is trying to find the words to send to Capcom himself. We think the robot head would make a nice contrast to Ryu’s vast crotch bulge, you see.

[Thanks, Seth!]

Colette Bennett