This is my idea of a Christmas special: Macaulay Culkin plays every Home Alone game

Wow, what a hole

I can’t believe it took this long, but the Angry Video Game Nerd managed to snag Macaulay Culkin as a guest in the 164th episode of the show, which doubles as a Christmas special.

As you might expect the duo runs through every Home Alone game, including the European-only obscure PS2 release and the mostly NES/SNES adaptions of the first two films. Nearly every ’80s kid has played the trap-setting NES game, but you’ve probably never even seen at least one of the projects on display here.

While pretty much everyone loves Home Alone, you could say I take it to the next level. I know every line from both films (it’s a shame they never made more than the two with Culkin, right), and at one point performed the entire first movie for my mom with props. I aspire to be half the parent she is one day.

Home Alone 2 is generally lauded as inferior to the original, which is heralded as the only true “classic,” but there’s so many great moments packed in the sequel (a better “Angels with Filth[ier] Souls” scene, Tim Curry, the unbridled kindness of Mr. Duncan) it deserves to be in the same conversation.

This is getting “I should make a podcast about Home Alone with someone” deep, so I’ll leave you to the video.

Chris Carter
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