This is how GameStop will tackle digital distribution

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With an increasingly strong push toward download-only games and digital expansion packs, you have to wonder what’s going to happen to retailers like GameStop. Used game sales can only carry you so far into the future, right? VentureBeat has a neat article detailing the company’s model “store of the future.”

Essentially, GameStop wants to bring digital distribution into the storefront. Yeah, I know. There will be interactive kiosks that can scan in your personal rewards card to bring up information such as the games you’ve bought, your wishlist, and other things of that nature.

Additionally, these will display any rewards you’ve obtained by way of shopping (achievements!), and allow you to purchase stuff like game add-ons — you’ll get a code that can be redeemed at home, through your console. It’s a start, I guess.

And by that I mean the system will likely “work” on many people, but not you, and certainly not me.

GameStop debuts a “store of the future” as online threat looms [VentureBeat]

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