This is boring: The European PS3 TV ad

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Let’s imagine we’re at a Sony meeting discussing this PlayStation 3 ad’s premise. Now, listen up, because the important people are about to talk:“So, how can we get people excited about the PS3?”*silence*”Come on, isn’t anyone excited here?”*silence*”OK, OK, seriously. Use your imagination people. Let’s imagine the PS3 was something to get excited about. How would we project that?””Well, we could focus mainly on game footage and why we are better and deserve that higher price tag.””Stupid idea. Next.””We could put real gamers in there and show them having a good time with our system.””Yawn. Next.””Well, how about we get this kid. He’s a boxer. And we talk about real-time change, because, you know, that made us so successful at E3. People love to hear about real-time change. Then, I guess we could throw my friend here a bone and show maybe a few seconds of actual game footage and maybe a shot or two of the actual system. Though, I see no reason why, but whatever.””Brilliant! You sir, get a raise. The rest of you, I’m very disappointed.”Yeah, you see, there’s just not much to get hyped up about with this ad. In fact, it’s not much of a stretch to say that it is incredibly boring. While it is most definitely well-shot, directed, and perhaps a beautiful piece of art, it fails in getting the viewer at least a little bit excited about spending $600 on a game console. What do you think?

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