This is actually a pretty great deal on six months of Xbox Game Pass

Half off at six months for $30

Xbox routinely runs promotions for Xbox Game Pass with the sort of inconsequential prices that make a trial worth giving a shot. One month for a dollar, two months for two dollars — that sort of stuff. The problem is that these deals can only be redeemed by new subscribers. Anyone with an active Game Pass membership has to pay full price.

Today, Amazon is actually offering a 50 percent off promotion that can be redeemed by anyone. Buying a three-month subscription for $30 (which is the normal price) comes with a second three-month code for free. That’s six months for $30. Or, if you’re feeling extra spendy and thrifty at the same time, that’s a year for $60.

The page doesn’t do a great job explaining how the deal works, but there’s a little blurb under the Special Offers and Product Promotions section that reads “Buy a 3-Month Game Pass Membership and receive an additional one at no charge.” Here’s the fine print. But, basically, it seems like a second code gets emailed a few minutes after the first one shows up.

So, if Xbox Game Pass is something you already subscribe to, this offer is one of the better savings the program has ever seen. If you just want to see if Xbox Game Pass is something you’re interested in, you’re probably better off checking out one of those aforesaid super cheap one-month deals.

Xbox Game Pass — 3 Month Membership — Xbox One (Digital Code) [Amazon]

Brett Makedonski
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