This internal Nintendo safety video from Wario is a wild snapshot of 2004

Nintendo safety video

“Take it easy Wario”

Internal safety videos, especially in the YouTube era, are a great source of comedy without even having to try too hard. That’s why this Nintendo safety video rules so hard: it dials up that absurdity by adding Wario, master of chaos, into the mix.

For the most part, the 15 minute video isn’t all that different from a run of the mill requirement you may have been forced to watch for employment at some point, but this one has random injerctions from Wario, which is clearly not voiced by Charles Martinet. Here’s the rundown from Forest of Illusion, who uploaded the video to YouTube:

“We have preserved an internal Nintendo employee safety video disc from 2004! The video was intended for Nintendo Merchandising Inc representatives and features Wario, who mentions that he is his own supervisor at Nintendo, as he assists the narrator in walking new hires through the safety precautions one must take when working with Nintendo retail products within stores.”

One of the best moments of the video is the near the start. Wario tells the soothing grandpa-voiced narrator to “shut up,” and he just responds with “take it easy, Wario.” No exclamation point needed: it’s that soothing. Also that music is extremely Wii Sports adjacent!

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