This Humble Bundle is full of gems from Double Fine Presents

All in the family

Humble Bundle currently has a tempting deal on a batch of eclectic games all housed under the Double Fine Presents banner. One minute, you might watch the circle of life unfold on a lone mountain; during another, pudgy blob men could pick you up and hurl you into a fire pit. This bundle runs the gamut.

Pay $1 or more:

  • David OReilly’s mesmerizing nature simulator Mountain.
  • The rhythm-infused platformer 140.
  • Abstract twin-stick shooter THOTH.

Pay more than the average:

Pay $10 or more:

  • The silly but short-lived party brawler Gang Beasts.
  • A contemplative game in which you can be anything and Everything.

Along with the games, you’ll also score the digital soundtracks for 140, THOTH, Escape Goat 2, Gang Beasts, and Everything. I’d recommend playing GNOG if you haven’t yet, and with the way the pricing breaks down, at that point, you might as well just pay the couple extra bucks to reach the third tier.

The Humble Double Fine Presents Bundle will stick around for two weeks, at which point you’ll need to buy these games piecemeal or wait for them to end up together again in a possible encore offering one day. If nothing else, consider this an intro to the strange and wonderful world of David OReilly.

Jordan Devore
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