This hour-and-a-half Nioh speedrun isn’t messing around

Running scared

Nioh is still new. There are untold builds, routes, and exploits left for the community to discover. And yet here we already are, two weeks after release, with a 1:36:51 “All Main Missions” run by Distortion2.

There’s a lot of running and weaving around enemies, of course, but even that is easier said than done for a beefy, occasionally maze-y game like this so soon after launch. If you’re still feeling out Nioh, you’ll get at least two takeaways from this video: 1) the kusarigama in high stance is heavenly and 2) magic is absurdly powerful, and it’s worth taking the time to read through and plot out its skill upgrades.

With this impressive early attempt out of the way, I look forward to seeing “SL1” equivalent runs.

[Via reddit]

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