This hideous designer Pokemon watch costs $258,000

For those of you with more money than sense

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Sharpen your guillotines, folks, because the rich are at it again! High-end watch outfit RJ-Romain Jerome has a new collaboration with Pokemon and the baffling result will only cost you $258,000 US, American dollars despite looking like something I paid $5 for in Chinatown 15 years ago.

Features, as listed on the product page, include: “Pikachu,” “Lightning bolt,” “Oscillating weight,” and “Pokemon colors” (the sparse blue and yellow stitching). A “Tourbillon bridge shaped as Pokémon’s symbolic lightning bolt?” Wow!

This is the second RJ-Romain Jerome Pokemon watch — and the second missed opportunity to make it a pocket-watch. The first, Pikachu-heavy, only cost $20,000.

The company has also made Pac-Man and Space Invader watches, none of which look worth the price of a decent sedan. I’m not saying we should eat the rich, but — no, wait, I am.

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