This Heroes of the Storm Zeratul play is insanely clutch

This is why you take Void Prison

Zeratul is frequently banned at high-level play in Heroes of the Storm tournaments, and now you can see why, with this video shared by JJ TheMighty. The top Heroic ability (ultimate) pick is Void Prison, because of how amazingly versatile it is. In short, it puts down a small dome on the screen, which can be used to take anything out of the action for a few seconds in a stasis-like state.

Here, this Zeratul uses it on his team’s own core right at the last second (at 0:17), directly before the enemy Tychus was going to nuke it to death with his Commandeer Odin Heroic — for those who aren’t aware, you can even stasis your own buildings to avoid damage. I don’t normally post random plays from Heroes of the Storm, but this was too awesome to pass up.

Zeratul was one of the first characters I earned a master skin for, as he’s insanely fun to play at any level.

Perfect Prison Void Win [Reddit]

Of course, the ability works on the other core too, and can rob your team of the game if you place it incorrectly (also at 0:17).

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