This guy’s joystick is bigger than all of ours

FreshCreation has a video of a massive Dutch joystick. 

When we say that this joystick is as big as a car, we’re not kidding — it’s actually a car. Park to Play is a car modified to become a game controller, with doors, steering wheel, lights, brakes, and more acting as control triggers for several games like Pong and Tetris. Strangely, no racing games were demoed.

Tetris blocks were managed with steering wheel turns, and in a pinball game, the doors act as flippers. All of the game audio is piped through the car’s speakers. 

As strange as it sounds, it looks like it really works, though it seems like a lot of work. The end of the video shows a car full of gamers having a great time swinging the car doors open and closed. 

There’s no word on whether this joystick actually functions as a normal car, but I love how the product’s name has safety in mind, just in case.

Power quotes:

“I shoot it with my big light.”

“I can eject the balls with the break.”

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