This Guitar Hero: Van Halen box art is deemed superior

Guitar Hero: Van Halen just sort of appeared on store shelves and nobody seemed to really care. However, if the box art looked more like this perhaps it would have been worth talking about. A bored GameStop employee not only produced a drawing of Van Halen that’s more accurate than any photograph, but also wrote a very accurate bit of blurb on the back. 

Here’s a small section of the rather brilliant summary:

Guitar Hero: Van Halen by ACTIVISION is the same as Guitar Hero: World Tour (an ACTIVISION game) and ACTIVISION Presents: Guitar Hero: Metallica, but this game is full of Van Halen songs! Well, mostly Van Halen, along with some of your other favorites like Blink 182 and alter bridge. You like those bands, right?

If Activision had packaged Van Halen with this cover instead of whatever it is they went with, I’d have bought two copies, easily. 

Amazing custom ‘Guitar Hero: Van Halen’ game case spotted at Game Stop [Albotas]

Jim Sterling