This great Monster Hunter LAN setup brings me back

I’d totally do this if I had the opportunity

I have a lot of great memories involving LAN parties. Big games, obscure ones where I had to hunt down people to play with, creating my own CAT-5 cables from scratch that would reach long enough to hook up two Xboxes on different floors — lots and lots of memories.

I’m sure these four are building new ones right now based on this awesome Monster Hunter World setup. It’s simple, but elegant. Four TVs, four PS4s, one table. You have to give it to them for setting it up in a photo-perfect symmetrical fashion too! Sadly it’s not for “LAN” play per se (rather all gaming online in the same party) but still!

Given how World incorporates single-player and multiplayer in the same seamless mode it’s also a perfect candidate for multiplayer. If only I could find three local hunters.

@marutirun [Twitter]

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