This Gears of War Snuggie looks warm

Thanks to sad infomercials and brilliant impact aisle placement in Wal-Marts and CVSes across North America, Snuggies are all the rage. Like a tender cotton body bag, these sensational products keep numerous (old) folks warm while watching the television or other similar immobile activities — like hacking dudes in Gears of War.

That’s right. Check out that ten s–tloads of spectacular in the header image. Revealed in a tweet by an Epic Games PR person (via Planet Xbox 360), the world now has its first prototype Gears of War-themed Snuggie, which should be perfect for those cold nights spent with a controller, a soda, Marcus Fenix and his crew. Think about it.

[Update: This thing is a prototype — a real thing.]

Brad BradNicholson