This game looks like one of the best uses of Kinect or PS Eye I’ve seen yet

Bonus: You get to take selfies!

Console camera peripherals are often neat in theory, but fall flat in practice. Turns out that very few people actually want to use the damned things to try to control their games. But, what if they were only used to control the landscape instead of the action?

That’s what [email protected]-published title Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey does. It has the player pose for selfies in various yoga-like positions that create the physical setting for the levels. Then, with a controller, the player navigates across the snapshot of their body.

This recently released video nicely shows how this clever concept is implemented. There are plenty of additional obstacles, and sometimes the game requires chiseling away at your own body with a laser beam.

There’s no word on release date yet apart from the nebulous timeframe of 2015, but it’ll be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Obviously this is something that those people without a Kinect or PlayStation Eye will have to miss out on.

Brett Makedonski
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