This game is called Fire Nuclear Crocodile Killer

With a name like Fire Nuclear Crocodile Killer, do you even need my recommendation to go on? It’s a puzzle-centric platformer coming to us from Nifflas, who also lovingly crafted such awesome independent games as Within a Deep Forest, Knytt, and most recently, Saira.

Remember the oh-so-satisfying throwing mechanic in Super Mario Bros. 2? There’s a lot of that in FiNCK. Remember those dreadful bombs you had to use to destroy otherwise impassable barriers? Those are here too; thankfully, the implementation is far better.

While I personally don’t think there’s any topping Knytt Stories, at this point, I’m willing to give the go-ahead to just about any Nifflas-developed game. This latest one is no exception.

FiNCK [Nifflas’ Games via Jay is Games]

Jordan Devore
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