This video game idea generator is gold

Be sure to turn off ‘Sanity’

The talk of our office chat room this morning has undoubtedly been Orteil’s Game Idea Generator a tool that’s exactly what it sounds like but no less delightful. You should try it out.

Some of my favorites so far:

  • A puzzle game where you regulate dogs over several decades.
  • A simulation game where you interrogate railroads but everything you touch explodes.
  • An experimental game where you hide from nondescript fruits in eye-popping 3D.
  • A role-playing game where you dress up insects with love.
  • An FPS where you punch fashion designers in Europe.
  • An online game where you listen to babies and you can erect walls at will.
  • A social media game where you shrink hellhounds until you die.
  • A strategy game where you ostracize witches in outer space.
  • An adventure game where you lead the rebels in enchanted furniture to make everybody happy.
  • A turn-based strategy game where you dress up fish until you own everything.
  • A shooting game where you feel bad for puns and you’re the last of your kind.
  • An online game where you build jewels in the dark.
  • An action game where you blog about pregnancy by changing the physical properties of things.
  • A social media game where you learn to accept tall dark strangers without blinking.
  • A sim game where you print dogs and the reason why becomes less and less obvious throughout the game.
  • An arcade game where you distribute tall dark strangers over several decades.
  • A mobile game where you farm eldritch monstruosities in the 70s.
  • An artsy game where you rotate manbeasts through cultural superiority.

As esoteric as some of the concepts are, I can genuinely see this game idea generator serving as a starting point for production on a real game.

Some slight tweaks to the ideas might be in order, though.

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