This Forza Horizon 4 glitch will get you going about 400mph instantly

Mach my day

The essence of a lot of the Forza Horizon experience is “Go fast, go as fast as possible.” That’s not always true for racing and its strategic braking and positioning. But, for speed traps, stunt jumps, drag races, etc? Yep, just go really fast.

Reddit user CarBoy0001 has figured out how to go faster than anyone else, making him the de facto best Forza Horizon 4 player of all-time. Making use of the game’s constantly-running train, he positioned his car on the tracks while wedged against a brick wall. When the train hits him, the physics sort of pinch him against the corner of the wall, sending the car instantly flying and nearly hitting 700KPH. That’s about 430MPH, I did the maths for the Americans.

Check out the clip below. (Sorry, you have to click through. There’s no way to properly embed reddit clips.)

I knew the glitch was gonna be wild but not this much from r/ForzaHorizon

Land vehicles can go a lot faster than that though. The sound barrier is broken when something reaches Mach 1, which is achieved at 767MPH. CarBoy0001 falls well short of that. On a related note, give us some Thrust SSC DLC, please. That’s the cheat code for winning all the drag races.

I knew the glitch was gonna be wild but not this much [reddit]

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