This fan-made Zelda: Breath of the Wild mini companion book is a great 100% checklist

Breath of the Wild companion book

May as well get it finished before Tears of the Kingdom

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As we look toward the future, and the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom next May, a lot of folks I’ve spoken to recently are reflecting on the past. Zelda: Breath of the Wild, that is! Some have taken to cleanup runs to try and clear out some final tasks once and for all, and this Breath of the Wild companion book is a great way to do that.

Crafted by RowanFN1 on Reddit, this cute little journal is reminiscent of old school instruction manuals: checklists and all. There’s sections for the main quest, Sheikah Towers, region logs, DLC shrines, homecare, horse equipment, armor and gear, helpful recipes, and of course, a free hand notepad section. It even has a checklist for Korok Seeds in specific regions, so you can try and organically locate them and cross them off without strictly relying on a guide. I especially dig the individual checklists for the head, body, and leg armor.

RowanFN1 reflects on what led them to refine their earlier personal version into a “v2” of sorts: “So with the new trailer and time suiting well, I remade it to suit the vision I had, more handwritten, book-like. Updated information and more spread out, making it a bigger booklet overall. Personally I spent a good few months trialing different methods and feels till I had something I was happy with. The best way I say is try something similar, have a reference manual or book and go to the local printers or such, feel the different qualities of paper etc, then do the same with printing formats. Though it can be a lil expensive in its trial and error stage, It’ll be more unique to yourself and to a standard you’re happy with in terms of the end result and quality of the overall print.”

Beyond this Breath of the Wild companion book, their other works include a custom Fire Emblem: Three Houses manual set, with one for each house. They also have an Etsy store and a personal site.

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