This fan made Super Mario Odyssey Switch manual is glorious, and could be official

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Super Mario Odyssey may have come out nearly four years ago (!), but people are still buying and playing it.

In fact it’s still a top-seller on Switch, boasting over 20 million units sold, and taking the sixth overall spot in lifetime Switch software sales. But it didn’t come with a manual. Content creator Aurumonado is changing that.

Showing off their crafty sensibility on YouTube, they’ve created a physical manual for Mario Odyssey that you can buy off their Etsy store and insert into your Switch case. They flip through each page and I have to say the details are phenomenal.

Not only is it actually instructive, but the images and tutorial screens are spot-on. There’s a lot to digest in Mario Odyssey after all, and even things like the credit page and the cute “customer service hotline” on the back are nice little homages to Nintendo’s history. I wish this was out when the game was released, as I would have loved to have flipped through it as the game was loading up. Staring at the “press start” screen with music blaring in the background while my nose was stuck in a manual was a ritual.

As a reminder, Nintendo fans have been creating their own lovely little manuals for quite some time. Someone made a 44-page Super Mario All-Stars instruction booklet that you can still buy, and this fan supergroup crafted themed manuals for Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

There’s a need, because even Nintendo’s official digital manuals section is woefully inadequate.

HalcyonInkAndImage [Etsy via Nintendo Life]

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