This fan-made retro-fied Mario Wonder commercial is lovely

Now you’re playing with power

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is set to debut on the Switch on October 20, and it’s looking incredibly colorful and sleek. But if you’re looking for something a little…older, this fan-made commercial should do the trick.

Straight from the mind of the YouTube channel Luiz do Comercial, this video is a blast from the past. Aimed at recreating the somber yet powerful aesthetic of 1988, the clip reimagines the modern Super Mario Wonder as a classic NES game. In case you’re wondering, yes, they do the “Now You’re Playing with Power” slogan at the end.

In a fascinating turn, the creator notes that the inspiration came from an unlikely place: a retro remake concept of Mario Wonder by Nimaginendo Games. It also draws upon elements of Mario 2, including the in-game visuals. As Luiz notes: “This was a very audacious project, because in addition to the 3D and 2D, I had to do all the pixel art for the supposed NES game!”

These bits of nostalgia really work on me

Given that I was around for the height of the NES’ success in America, these types of fan-made projects speak to me in a big way. This one, in particular, is really spot on, from the hazy ’80s/’90s viewing experience to the booming horror-like voiceover effect.

It brings me back to a time when we were constantly advertised to by a faceless void-like entity; before the attitude-ridden ’90s came along and changed things considerably. By then, people were on-screen screaming in our faces. Game marketing is a fascinating microcosm of weirdness!

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