This fan-made Diablo II project is housed entirely in StarCraft II

I can’t even

A fellow by the name of egodbout2 has taken it upon themselves to recreate Diablo II in the form of a project called “The Curse of Tristram.” But it’s not just any old fangame, it’s actually a mod for StarCraft II. Impressive!

What’s really weird to me is seeing Diablo II with a smooth framerate without any latency drops. For the first year of release I never actually saw Duriel on-screen — my PC would lag so much when entering the area, that I had to just hold shift and queue up an ability and hope I won with a group of friends. As my buddy Joey once said “the real boss isn’t Duriel, it’s the lag.”

Before you get your armchairs out to analyze the legality of the situation, note that it’s very unlike that Blizzard would shut it down given that it’s a mod that people have to buy StarCraft II to access. The alpha should launch this summer for free in Arcade.

Egodbout 2 [YouTube via DSO Gaming] Thanks Rob!

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