This fan has an entire real life Zelda: Breath of the Wild arsenal

Two years in the making

Sometimes, a piece of media comes out that just wholly inspires people around the world, and I think Zelda: Breath of the Wild is right up there with The Witcher III in terms of pure cosplay and mechanical potential. Case and point: this real life arsenal from reddit user tomvdcr.

They say that “most of it is made from EVA foam or PVC pipes,” but clearly a lot of detailing went on after that. I see the classic Sheikah Slate in the middle, the Guardian Sword, the Master Sword, the Guardian Shield, and even obscure items like the Boulder Breaker and the Sword of the Six Sages. You can see most of these in more detail on their Instagram account.

Want to do it yourself? Reddit user tomvdcr “recommends looking at Evil Ted & Punished Props [Academy] tutorials on YouTube.”

tomvdcr [Reddit]

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