This fan-created Zelda: Ocarina of Time Mario Kart 8 track is a trip down memory lane

Getting lost in Hyrule Field all over again

Modder RiazorMC is at it again, and their latest fan-created track happens to be the “Ocarina of Time Circuit” for Mario Kart 8. Note that yes, Mario Kart 8 has gotten official Zelda DLC in the past with Hyrule Circuit: but not necessarily in a purely retro format. This track aims to bring back the 1998 Nintendo 64 classic in full force, steering through a big chunk of the overworld. Like several other Mario Kart tracks that shift zones across multiple laps, this track zooms across multiple major areas of Ocarina of Time, and hits many of the bigger notes.

Here’s how the track plays out:

  • Lap 1: Gerudo’s Fortress (also the Kokiri Forest)
  • Lap 2: Lake Hylia
  • Lap 3: Death Mountain (across Hyrule Field)

The course takes you through pretty much all of Hyrule Field, and has a pretty intense/semi-confusing layout to boot. It would take multiple attempts to really figure out where to go since the signs aren’t very pronounced, and several of the locations (including riding up the narrow ascent of Death Mountain, as well as navigating the depths of Lake Hylia) are tricky.

With some refinement, this could be a legit course I would definitely play. Hopefully Nintendo has more crossovers in the works for their Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC tracks (and beyond, on whatever inevitable next series entry is being worked on now). I’ve said this for years, but I can see Nintendo doing a Mario Kart All-Stars game at some point, especially once the franchise hits critical mass.

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