This Fallout 4 mod will keep the pesky Preston Garvey off your back

Another settlement needs your help

Anyone who has played Fallout 4 is made aware of Preston Garvey almost immediately. I mean, how can you not spot him, as he constantly pesters you to complete a radiant questline that seemingly goes on forever? I ignored him right away, but I think it’s hilarious that a few of my friends kept doing his quests for hours, expecting them to end.

Now, you can get rid of him entirely with a mod. This particular one ensures that you don’t have to drop what you’re doing and go save your settlements in essence, allowing you to enjoy your travels, stress free.

The mod was first uploaded a few months ago, but it’s been tweaked as of this week.

Fallout 4 [Nexus Mods — Thanks, Jeff!]

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