This expansive Pokemon Sword and Shield video is probably the most info you’ll get before launch

More Wild Area footage

Pokemon Sword and Shield is going to be an explosive game no matter how you slice it.

People are already mad about more than a few aspects of it, and each iteration you have a group of players who fall off and are tired of the same old safe song and dance. I haven’t quite reached that point yet. No, I’m pouring over every aspect of this new Japanese Pokemon Sword and Shield rundown trailer, which goes over mostly known mechanics and gives us some additional footage we haven’t seen before.

Clocking in at over five minutes, we see splashes of the gigantic stadium gym battles, camps, lots of the open world Wild Area, and plenty of story bits. Given the elementary nature of a lot of this series (it’s designed for newcomers after all) it’s fairly easy to understand what’s going on despite the Japanese audio. Really, I’m just here for the MMO-like Wild Area shots (that starts in earnest around 2:40 by the way, and continues into the raid battle overview at 3:10).

Me? I’m going for a full Galar ‘Dex: that’ll make me happy enough even if I can’t get the full monty National.

Chris Carter
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