This Elden Ring moment caught me completely off guard

Elden Ring moment

I remember being mesmerized by it

There’s an early Elden Ring moment that a lot of people have experienced, but I wanted to make sure it was sufficiently spoiler-shielded.

You good? Okay.

Elden Ring moment 2

So at this point a ton of people have stumbled upon the singing harpy, also known as the “Bat-Lady,” or the “Chanting Winged Dame.” While the radius to hear the singing is quite small in terms of how big the scope is of Elden Ring in general, when you do hear it, it will lure you like a siren’s song. Like so many players I was drawn to it, assuming it would be a quest-related NPC, and bam, it’s actually a harpy, typically with a retinue of other bat creatures.

The singing harpy seems to be communicating in Latin, and some folks have gone so far as to work on translating it. If you want to see it for yourself, again, they are scattered around several areas, but you can find one here.

There are tons of opportunities for an Elden Ring moment like this. When people try and roast the game for various reasons, some of which are completely fair, it’s moments like this one that separate Elden Ring from a lot of other copy-and-paste checklist open world games. The creatives involved really swing for the fences in creating these worlds.

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