This Elden Ring boss size comparison video is hilarious

Elden Ring boss size

Visual spoilers

If you haven’t seen this Elden Ring boss size comparison video yet, it’s definitely worth a watch. After you’ve finished the game, of course!

If you’ve been avoiding spoilers, here’s a text shield! Also I made sure the header image just featured what basically amount to regular enemies, and not major bosses. In any case, the video just walks by lifeless models of the bosses, and no fights are shown until the very end.

Crafted by the Garden of Eyes YouTube channel, this one came across my desk thanks to a reader, and despite the fact that it came out in May, it still holds up as an evergreen testament to just how ridiculously large some of the bosses in Elden Ring are. Clocking in at just over eight minutes long, the video takes a player character across a boss plane, with every major enemy model on display in a line.

It starts at what amounts to minibosses (beefed-up regular enemies that double as crypt encounters), then quickly escalates from there. What’s fascinating is that I distinctly remember each and every one of these battles, but I had no idea that, say, a Godskin enemy was taller than a lot of other bosses in the game. The big shocker though? Seeing how big Elder Dragon Greyoll (that thing you don’t really fight so much as kill as it lays on the ground) really is.

Like all Elden Ring videos, this just makes me want to play it again — but having played once more even after getting the platinum, I think I’ll focus on other games for a while!

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