This Doom Eternal Gates of Hell concept art looks like an 80s metal album cover

Shoot at the Devil

If it weren’t for the Doom Slayer plopped down right in the center, you might not know this depiction of Hell was from Doom Eternal. You might think it’s some hellacious album art from Slayer or Judas Priest or Megadeth. Or some Norwegian black metal band that you know and I don’t.

But it’s not. It’s Doom Eternal, and that means the Gates of Hell are going to open and this dude is gonna murder everything inside. And he won’t utter a single complaint. Griping isn’t really his style. Violence, though, is very much his style.

E3 is weeks away, and we’re sure to find out more about Bethesda’s plans for Doom Eternal. Until then, stand outside the gates and imagine all the horrors and atrocities within those walls.

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