This custom Zelda Pool table is masterful

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As I’ve mentioned before, I get a charge out of watching something being built. This Legend of Zelda themed pool table isn’t being built from the ground up, but it’s really cool to watch how the team at Hand Prop Room transforms it into a custom work of art. 

You may want to skip to 1:55 since the host segment is incredibly annoying. That’s when you’ll start to see Lonnie Goodman and his team begin work on the customization. I’d recommend watching the rest of the video to see all the work that went into the final design, but you can skip to 9:45 for the reveal if you’re feeling antsy.

From the sage symbols from Ocarina of Time on the sides to the felt with the map of Hyrule and the Hyrule and Lorule symbols printed on it, this billiard table is almost too pretty to play on. Here’s hoping it doesn’t sit idle for seven years while the owner is locked in a time bubble. Dah nah na nahhhhh!

Pool Table fit for Legend of Zelda! [Awe.Me YouTube]

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