This custom Famicom Pocket was a good idea

A very good idea indeed

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Can you cram a Famicom Mini inside a Game Boy? Yes. But should you? Hell yeah!

Well, maybe not you you, but Kei Studio sure managed the feat with an impressive “Famicom Pocket” build. This 25-minute-long video gets into the specifics, as does the creator’s accompanying step-by-step article, in case you’d rather just quickly flip through some photos and call it a day.

From the sound of it, these handhelds won’t be sold. “I am glad that you like it so much,” Kei Studio said in response to an inquiry from a potential buyer. “However, this is a pair of individual products with low productivity. I incurred an embarrassing level of expenses that I could not publish on video. And unfortunately, its quality is not high enough to sell to someone.” A cool exercise, nonetheless.

Famicom Pocket [Kei Studio via Tiny Cartridge]

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