This custom 3D print of The Legend of Zelda’s map is amazing

I want one

The original Legend of Zelda just has one of those iconic maps. Among the thousands of “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone” t-shirts out there, the map itself has been remade and re-tooled for future iterations multiple times officially and unofficially. And this 3D printed map is definitely unofficial, but I still want one!

According to Retro Gaming Mag, the creator spent six months building a Zelda map in Minecraft, then 3D printed it for 24 hours based on that map file. It was then auctioned off on a Facebook group called Trade Sell Collect Retro & New Video Games & Toys, allegedly for $100.

I’ve used packed-in maps before while I’m playing an open world game, but how cool would it be to go back to the original Zelda with this beauty right in front of you?

Mike Matei [Twitter via Retro Gaming Mag]

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