This champion created a site to track My Nintendo physical rewards

US-only for now

In case you forgot, My Nintendo has been offering up physical rewards for a few months now. Some of them are constantly out of stock, some are lightly restocked, and others have remained in the store basically the entire time they’ve been there. But unless you check the site every day, it’s hard to keep track of everything. Enter this helpful user-created tracker.

Found on Reddit from user RootBearr, the tracker basically takes care of everything. It showcases every currently available physical reward, displays the Platinum Point cost, and allegedly displays the current stock of the item. It updates “every 10 minutes” automatically, and you can opt to have in-browser notifications poke at you when something changes.

Of note, it only works in the US right now, but they are working on “incorporating many other regions as well.” They are currently running into geo-location issues at the moment. As far as “in development” features go, they want to eventually expand the notification system and possibly create an app for it. RootBearr is actually testing European functionality right now.

Great timing! We recently published a gigantic comprehensive guide for all things My Nintendo. Use it in conjunction with this tracker site!

Rewards [My Nintendo Rewards Items via Reddit]

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