This bug is crashing Dark Souls III for PC players

Have you been affected?

An unknown Dark Souls III bug is preventing some PC players from progressing past the first bonfire.

Complaints on Steam, the Steam forums, and Reddit indicate a stability issue that’s causing the game to crash on PC either after the first bonfire, or sometimes when players approach Firelink Shrine. 

The cause seems unclear, though it appears it may be linked with what class you’re playing as, as – to date – Knights seem able to proceed without incident.

Some are reporting that setting the lighting level to “low” addresses the problem, but as yet there’s no formal word from From Software or Bandai Namco on what’s happening or how to fix it, although the problem has been reported and the Bandai twitter account is redirecting players to its customer support team.

Are you having problems playing Dark Souls III on PC? Let us know what below, and please share your tips if you’ve managed to overcome the issues!

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