This boring Pokemon Go update will probably appeal to hardcore players

Slight capture bonuses

Niantic has been taking it easy these past few months when it comes to sweeping changes. They seemingly have things down pat when it comes to server stability (no doubt due to the massive exodus of players), and although “big things” are promised for the future, we haven’t seen that much in terms of actual content outside of the buddy update.

But there’s something else on the horizon now — a “Capture Bonus” mechanic. In short, the more of a type of creature you capture, the better chance you’ll have to snagging them in the future. The official site gives us an example with several different types, like the Poison bonus “Punk Girl,” that grants a +1 modifier after bagging 10 Poison Pokemon.

It’s the type of thing that will satiate hardcore everyday players, but where are the big alterations like trading, player-versus-player battling, and so on?

Earn a New Capture Bonus to Increase the Odds of Catching Rare Pokémon [Pokemon Go]

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