This awesome son-of-a-gun is remaking LSD: Dream Emulator

They’re doing God’s work, if you ask me

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I’ve been in contact with Osamu Sato, the creator of the illustrious LSD: Dream Emulator for a tell-all about his games and legacy for a feature at VICE Motherboard for a few months now.

This means I’ve been investigating this wacky PlayStation cult classic for some time (far before I ever proposed the piece), so it’s always in the back of my head. When the good old tips email from Jordan came through tonight alerting to me of the existence of a fan-remade version, I just about knocked my MacBook Pro to the floor and defecated in my pink and black spotted Joe Boxer pajama shorts. I had to write about it. 

It really exists, and the project is in alpha right now, which means you can download it and give it a try. The creator, a shadowy being known only as Figglewatts, has been working on this illustrious opus since 2011 and is hoping to improve upon the project by implementing Oculus Rift support in the future.

You can help now by donating via PayPal or hitting up the developer’s Patreon to send some money their way for an eventual Oculus Rift Development Kit, Unity Pro license, possible FMV support in the future, and more. So, you should probably go do that, because, well…LSD: Dream Emulator. They sure got the title right, ‘cause all you can do these days (unless you’re a lucky little so-and-so who owns the game) is emulate the game.

Official site [LSD Revamped]

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