This ain’t your grandparents Duck Hunt … Oh wait, it is.

BoingBoing is one of the finest sites this side of The Piratebay. Not only are the editors the only people on the planet who I consider to be my intellectual equals (and your future overlords), but they constantly dig up all kinds of bizarre crap from every dusty corner of the Interweb.

Today, they had a post about a game called the Seeburg Ray-O-Lite, a light gun game from 1936. You might be thinking “Nex, that’s not a video game! What gives? Have you turned commie on us?” Well, yes, yes I have. I apologize.

Back to the topic at hand though, the Ray-O-Lite was the first light gun game ever invented. It’s the predecessor to your Duck Hunts, your Virtua Cops and your Houses of the Dead! This, right here, is truly gaming history from an era before Nazi Supermen were parachuting into Churchill’s backyard and goosestepping all over Norway. America’s boys trained their killer instincts on this game, and one could even argue that without the Ray-O-Lite, we might all be eating bratwurst and wearing lederhosen. 

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