Third-person steampunk title, Edge of Twilight, announced for 360/PC

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Attention fans of games with gorgeous artwork and cool premises that may never see the light of day (Sadness and City of Metronome, I’m looking at you guys)! Developer Fuzzyeyes Studios has announced a new third-person, action/adventure title, Edge of Twilight, for the Xbox 360 and PC. 

Set in a dark, steampunk fantasy world where night and day have been split into two realms, Edge of Reality promises to get your hopes up with a fancy Web site, and slick concept art. Players take control of the world’s only living halfbreed, Lex, and will embark on what Fuzzyeyes are calling “an increasingly complex and compelling storyline that will blur the line between good and evil.”

As great as this sounds, please keep this in mind: Fuzzyeyes are the same studio who brought you the hit game, Hot Dog Hot Gals, a strategy/sim that feature chicks in bikinis slinging hot dogs. True story. The official Edge of Twilight Web site doesn’t seem quite as ridiculous, but we can only hope that the game also features scantily clad women putting mustard on hot dogs … that’s the future of gaming, right?

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