Third-party wireless Wii sensor bar available

Here’s a product I don’t understand — a wireless sensor bar for the Nintendo Wii.

Can anyone explain to me why one of these would be necessary? Having a wireless controller makes sense on a number of levels. You can kick back as far away from your television as you like. Your rottweiler won’t chew up your wires. Midgets, trolls, and drunks won’t trip over your cords. 

But a wireless sensor bar? The damned thing sits right on or next to your television, people! Unless you’re playing Wii Sports at your local Loews Cineplex, your Wii will be close enough to the screen that this shouldn’t be an issue. The sensor bar wire is ten feet long for Christ’s sake. On top of that, this wireless sensor bar uses a nine-volt battery. Because that’s just what we need, more things Wii-related that aren’t rechargeable.

I guess this is a fancy tool for those of you who have 120-inch television sets. Guess what? I’m coming over to play Zelda. Make sure you order your wireless sensor bar first. Wouldn’t want any of those pesky wires, well, anywhere.

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