Third-party upscaler makes Wii HD

While Nintendo figures out how and when they’re going to address high-definition with one of their consoles, a third-party solution has arrived for those who’d like to shiny up their Wii. VDIGI Electronics has a product on their website which claims to be able to upscale the video output of the Wii to 1080p.

While it doesn’t particularly bother me all that much that the Wii isn’t HD, I know I certainly wouldn’t mind things looking a little sharper. The device outputs via HDMI and will set you back $75, which may be a bit pricier than many will want to pay.

I’d be interested in seeing how well the device works, how about you lot?

VDIGI releases VD-W3: World’s First HDMI Upscaler Processor for Wii [GoNintendo via The Tanooki]

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