Third behind-the-scenes Legendary vid has producer hanging out in dirty bathroom

Legendary producer John Garcia-Sheldon is back this week, this time crawling out of a hole in a dingy bathroom to talk about some of the game’s larger creatures. He’s joined by lead designer Stephen Skelton who, much like Garcia-Sheldon, has no hair. This leads me to believe that most of the Spark Unlimited design team behind Legendary has their heads shaved. Then animation director Kevin Scharff shows up and throws my theory to the fire; dude has a nice, full head of hair.

Consistency of hair cuts aside, the big “titan class” creatures of Legendary do look pretty slick. Take the golem, for instance, as tall as a city building and made up of concrete and tractor trailers. The in-game footage in the video looks pretty great, too, and should (in theory) make for a pretty great boss first-person shooter boss battle. But as Garcia-Sheldon points out, “it’s not just a creature fest. It’s a disaster movie.”

Personally, I’m excited for Legendary, but I can understand some hesitation; Spark Unlimited are the same studio who developed Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. It should be noted that the Legendary team is not the same one that worked on the ill-fated alternate-history FPS. Has that eased your mind any?

In case you missed it, check out the first and second behind-the-scenes of Legendary videos. Next week, expect the fourth and final video to drop; they’re not consistent with the hair cuts, but these Spark guys sure know how to deliver some videos.

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