Think Payne is dead? Get a clue. Then get a mod.

Nearly three years ago, the sequel to one of the most darkest, sophisticated and cinematic game in gaming-history was released under the name “Max Payne: The Fall of Max Payne”. There was no revenge left to be had. The foes were weaker, and Max could take more shots before dying, but the story and atmosphere were still as disturbing absorbing and thrilling as in the forerunner. The game’s flexible engine sparked a community of dedicated modders that really put in the hours, and many, many, waaaaay many mods were released. This was a game with some serious replay value, and that’s still very true today.

The community was pretty big then and also if there wasn’t a multiplayer-part the fans still didn’t really stop to make maps and mods for Max Payne 1 and 2. But as with all great games, they peak. The forums got a little washy, the multitude of modders became miniscule, and it all but seemed that it was time to shelf the title. In fact, many fans who truly enjoyed the game think that there is nothing coming, and that Max is done. Well, I’ve been building up the obvious answer…. THEY’RE SOOOOOOOOOOO WRONG! Max is alive and well and there are a chock full of mods and thriving communities that are building content that is amazingly good. So without further ado, allow me to bring the Payne.Here’s your homework to make up for lost time. There is enough up-to-date stuff for Max Payne out there you just have to move your ass and check the serious Internet for information than you will see that there are few websites that are still alive: you a lazy fuck? That’s ok. Just pay attention and nod your head: Get your dusty Max-Payne-games out of the basement and freakin install them, cause here are some ingenius mods you will never forget!

Hall of Mirrors (ugly site – awesome mod) -> Equilibrium Mod

7th serpent

M:I New Dawn -> Mission Impossible Mod

And last, but not least, here are two interesting Mods that will be released (hopefully) in the near future:Street Fighter

Katana – Rogue Ops

So there you have it – and this is by no means the most comprehensive scoop. There’s new Max Payne mods coming out of the woodwork on a regular basis, and if you’re as big a fan as I am, do yourself a favor and check out those communities you left behind. Fire up your blogs and post crap like this, play the mods, write comments, try to mod tools, and relive the awesomeness like it was yesterday. We may have to wait a little while longer for Max Payne 3, but one thing’s for sure – he’s not dead.